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All Puppies Are Reserved To Current Depositors ONLY

We Will Contact Depositors When It Is Your Turn

Due to the rising costs of veterinarian care, food and other supplies we had to raise our prices.

Once marked Reserved that puppy is assigned to a depositor (new owner). Puppies are $1750. Prices may fluctuate due to unforeseen additional costs. Puppies come with tails docked, ears are cropped, microchipped and AKC Registration. 
Puppy Viewing and Pickup are made by reservation only.


Pictures Of The next  6/27/22  &  8/4/22 Litters Coming Soon

Males and Females


Next litters will be available in November and December 



Due to the rising costs of veterinarian care, food and other supplies we had to raise our prices.

Deposits & Payments

Deposits are refundable. once you submit the deposit. There are absolutely refunds on deposit money if the purchaser is not willing to proceed with the puppy pick-up process or later changes his/her mind. Be sure your ready to 

Visits & Pick Ups

Our kennel is part of our home. We are not open to the public. Visits and Puppy pickups are by appointment only.

Identification Of Pups

The colored collars are used to individually identify each puppy from birth to monitor each pup’s progress individually.

Puppy Picking Process

We go in order of deposits by date. However we take in consideration what the purchaser is looking for out of their puppy. We try to match up the Puppy the best we can with the new owner. This is to help and sure the proper fit for a lifetime. We do not allow people to handle the puppies even when they come to pick up their own. The only puppy that they will be handling is their own puppy. We are a private kennel, not a commercial store. So if you’re impatient and cannot wait for the proper Puppy then please do not contact us or fill out our questionnaire.

We do not do first come first serve. We take part in the puppy picking process. If you tell us you want a high drive, large, IPO type or show quality Doberman to a low drive pet quality pup on the smaller side that is what we will try to match you up with. Dobermans are not like Golden retrievers that will fit into any family environment. We try to match the best pup up to the perspective buyer to try to insure best possible life for both the pup and you! We take great pride in our breeding program and want to make sure to give each pup the best chance at a good family home; and to make sure your life continues to be happy and joyful! The $750 deposit to reserve a puppy is refundable because we want the “committed” buyer, not someone who is hastily looking for a pup. Our pups are $1750 and are sold with limited registration. Full registration is available on a limited basis. Prices are subject to change without notice. Show/Working Dobermans takes precedence over pet/companion homes. If you’re looking to show or breed please contact us about full registration.

Lifetime Breeder Support

This means for the lifetime of your puppy/dog we are here to help and give advice in any way that we can. However if your puppy/dog is having a medical issue/emergency we are not veterinarians. Do not be one of those Facebookers that takes a picture of their pet and asks people for their advice as they are not veterinarians either. Please don’t hesitate to actually contact your veterinarian for help or advice.